New features for Map Creator Desktop and Mobile

Hi Mappers,

This week we would like to share with you some new features present in Map Creator:

1. Protected Roads removed

Some of you might have noticed that now you can modify what we call ‘Protected geometry’ in Map Creator. In order to identify what is protected – when you select a road that is protected you’ll see an icon with letter A on the left of the word “Road Attributes” in the editing menu – like on the image bellow:


2. GPX visibility in ‘Your Geospace’

Do you want to use your personal gpx traces to digitize a new road? Activate the new functionality “Map data always on” in order to have your trace always visible – map data will stay visible even, if your geospace gets deactivated.


3. Map Alert Campaign Launched in Eastern and Western Europe

Under Your Stuff menu, inside Campaign List tab you will find out a campaign named: dbe_rmob_validation. This campaign is launched in both Eastern and Western European countries for all users, and is related to missing phone numbers of various restaurants. Feel free to contribute and close these Map Alerts. You select the campaign with the name described above and zoom into your country view. Check images bellow for France example.

Map Alert Campaign Launched_1Map Alert Campaign Launched_2

4. Map Creator:  Start View

Have you noticed that previously – when you enter in Map Creator the Satellite View that is set by default? Now it has been changed to the Map View. That being said, if you want to see satellite images, navigate to the Map View square in the bottom right corner and change it to Satellite View.


5. New Mobile Map Creator Version for iOS Users – Drive Mode available

With the new release of Mobile Map Creator, iOS users now can use the Drive Mode functionality, which previously was available only for Android users. Take a look at some screen shots of this functionality that allows you to record video, gpx and audio in your mobile version below.



6. Interactive Help is now only “Help”

Need help? Click on the ‘Help’ button that includes user guide and walk-through tutorials and learn more about Map Creator and it’s features.


Greetings! 😃

herelogoHERE Community Team

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