New Data Layers in HERE Studio

Dear Readers, HERE released HERE Data Layers to improve software developer and data scientists’ access to the rich cartographic features and attributes captured within an enterprise-grade mapping platform.  Developer Relations recently launched HERE Data Layers as part of our Freemium offering. Check out the video by developer evangelist Raymond Camden that shows developers how easy it is to get started and visualize HERE Data Layers in HERE … Continue reading New Data Layers in HERE Studio

HERE Studio (XYZ)

Dear Mappers, We hope that you are doing well! 😃 It has been a while since we posted something related to HERE Studio (previously called HERE XYZ). Now, a year after we would like to refresh your memory and update you about it! Data visualization: easy and sharable! 👍 So, HERE XYZ is called now HERE Studio and we would like to refresh what you … Continue reading HERE Studio (XYZ)

HERE XYZ as a solution for challenges

Dear Mappers,I guess nowadays everyone feels like exploring new products and services that enable the ease of use, make life easier and more..visual! Therefore, already a while ago we introduced to you HERE XYZ – our cloud-based service with the tools needed for effortless data management and map publication. This service is aimed for software developers, professional mapmakers, data journalists, but also inexperienced people, who … Continue reading HERE XYZ as a solution for challenges