Community Destinations – Lisbon

Dear Readers, Welcome to Lisbon the 7-hill city and capital of Portugal. Pedro Conceição is our Community Lead who is based there. Pedro started in HERE in 2005 as field analyst. A lot of field data collection as starting point building up the base map of Portugal. He enjoys a lot to do that but after 13 years he decides to pursue new opportunities and … Continue reading Community Destinations – Lisbon

Community Destinations – Eindhoven

Enjoyed the article about Manchester..? Here’s the next destination – a not so well known, but should be known – Eindhoven. This city is located in the Southern part of the Dutch province of North Brabant, the Netherlands. A growing city with more than 230’000 inhabitants representing a variety of cultures from all over the world. And one of the major HERE offices is also … Continue reading Community Destinations – Eindhoven

Community Destinations – Manchester

Hi All! We thought we’d show you round where your Community team live and work and find out about their cities! First up is Manchester and Community Lead Claire Robinson who is based there. Claire first started at HERE in 2007 as a field analyst. Not much time was spent in the office in her early days, field working and visiting offices across the UK … Continue reading Community Destinations – Manchester