Urban Mobility Index

Dear Mappers,

Have you ever wondered how cities nowadays have been dealing with mobility in terms of: connectivity, sustainability, affordability and innovation? 😏

EV charging stations in Amsterdam

Now you can explore it by simply visiting our Urban Mobility Index page, where you can select a city out of the provided list and see how our cities have been rapidly changing and becoming more smart in terms of:

  • Public Transport Efficiency
  • Traffic Flow
  • Green Spaces and Low Emission Zones
  • Public Transport Expense
  • EV Charging Stations

This information might help you with either your research about urban mobility or even with simple awareness on how cities deal with various challenges.

Green spaces and low emission zones in Brussels

Curious about The Netherlands and Belgium? 🤔
Discover Urban Mobility Index of Amsterdam and Brussels!

See how HERE assists in creating smart cities by clicking here.

Greetings! 😃

herelogoHERE Community Team

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