#stayathome challenge has started!

Dear Mappers, We hope you are doing fine! In this hard time of COVID-19, many of us sit at home and try to entertain each other. As we don’t want you to be upset about it, we came up with an idea to create a CHALLENGE and prepare some AWARDS for our Benelux community! 📣 So we are happy to launch the #stayathome challenge! 😊 … Continue reading #stayathome challenge has started!

Road protection status removed in Map Creator

Dear Readers, Recently it was decided that users of Map Creator should now be able to also correct the geometry of roads with a higher level. As you know, the geometry of those roads was “protected” for a long time, which means that the user was not able to perform any geometry adjustments in the past. The roads with the former protected road status refer … Continue reading Road protection status removed in Map Creator

Updated: Mobile Map Creator App

Dear Mappers, A few days ago, HERE released the new version of Mobile Map Creator. Currently, the new version is available only for all Android devices but soon will be available also for iOS. There are now three main categories for processing: Edit Resolve Collect Edit With the function “Edit” you can make changes to navigation attributes, Places or the house numbers. This function is … Continue reading Updated: Mobile Map Creator App

History of maps: Modern cartography

Modern Cartography Dear Mappers, After diving in the historical origins of cartography and traditional map-making we reached the modern age cartography. To get here through the ages, the aid of various technological advancements was essential. The invention of tools such as the compass, telescope, printing press and many more with the combination of additional ways of metrics, for example various of different map projections, allowed … Continue reading History of maps: Modern cartography

New feature in Map Creator: Editing buildings

Dear Mappers, We are excited to announce that there is a new feature in Map Creator. This feature is editing building outlines. 1. Activating building outlines In order to add/edit building outlines, it is important to first activate this feature in the menu layer that is in top right corner, and, as always, to zoom in. Then it is possible to see outlines of the … Continue reading New feature in Map Creator: Editing buildings

Map Creator tips & tricks: Your Geospace

Dear Mappers, In this week’s article we would like to write about “Your Geospace”, feature in HERE Map Creator. “Your Geospace” is an environment that enables you to upload or drag and drop any file and visualize it in Map Creator. These files can be for instance: Your own GPX file from your e.g. walking or biking trip GeoJson files that you found at your … Continue reading Map Creator tips & tricks: Your Geospace