#stayathome challenge has come to a close!!!

Dear Mappers, Our #stayathome initiative has come to a close but with what a great impact! 😃 First of all we would like to congratulate all the users of Map Creator, who participated in this initiative: You are just amazing!!! 😍 Do you know how far did we go with this #giveback initiative? 🤔 In WEU we achieved more than 46k Places edits during the … Continue reading #stayathome challenge has come to a close!!!

#stayathome challenge statistics

Dear Community, Remember that we promised to give you some highlights on stats one week before the end of the challenge? 😃 📣 Here we are, hereby an overview of the current status: • In WEU we already have more than 25k places edited! Well done! 👏 • For Benelux the status is that 670 Places edits have been done so far! Currently the top … Continue reading #stayathome challenge statistics

Places in Map Creator: New Covid-19 related attributes

Dear Readers, We hope you are all safe and healthy during this challenging period! 🙏 While majority of us is working or staying at home, we still need to go out and visit some places to buy some food, medicine, or any other things we use every day. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date with the opening hours of a place, type … Continue reading Places in Map Creator: New Covid-19 related attributes

What would you like to read about? + upcoming challenge!

Dear Readers, Our editorial team is working on communications strategy, to focus on your needs and expectations from your regional HERE Community representatives. Therefore, we would like to ask YOU for your feedback to help us improve the way we communicate with you. If you have 3-5 minutes of your time, please fill in this anonymous survey. HERE you can access the survey Your feedback … Continue reading What would you like to read about? + upcoming challenge!

#stayathome challenge has started!

The initiative ended. The results of this challenge can be found here. …………………………………………………………………….. Dear Mappers, We hope you are doing fine! In this hard time of COVID-19, many of us sit at home and try to entertain each other. As we don’t want you to be upset about it, we came up with an idea to create a CHALLENGE and prepare some AWARDS for our … Continue reading #stayathome challenge has started!

Road protection status removed in Map Creator

Dear Readers, Recently it was decided that users of Map Creator should now be able to also correct the geometry of roads with a higher level. As you know, the geometry of those roads was “protected” for a long time, which means that the user was not able to perform any geometry adjustments in the past. The roads with the former protected road status refer … Continue reading Road protection status removed in Map Creator

HERE at CES: 10 announcements

Hi all! New Year… New Decade… New Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas & plenty of new announcements from HERE! CES is one of the key events in tech industry and always kicks-off the year with announcements, new partnerships and plenty of geeky concepts and upcoming products from the entire spectrum of modern tech industry. In fact there are so much of news around this … Continue reading HERE at CES: 10 announcements