The newest in AI and autonomous mobility

Dear Mappers,

Read today our short summaries from our 360 blog about AI and autonomous mobility.

1. The power of AI

The technology has been rapidly evolving by making smarter, more accurate solutions in various fields . Nowadays more often AI Is used for these purposes, to fill in the gaps by genius algorithms that power for instance Netflix, Siri or Alexa.
Why in HERE invests in AI? To establish the Institute for Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI) in Vienna. What can we optimize, improve or speed up? Find answers to these questions, by reading our 360 blog article! 😃

2. Autonomous vehicles and micro-mobility

Nowadays there have been many discussions about autonomous vehicles: Are they safe? Do we need them? What about the idea of being still in charge of your route but not taking care of the parking?
Autonomous e-bikes and scooters would be a great alternative for instance for those, who need to commute shorter distances but have no time to park the bike.
Are we ready for it, or not yet? 😏 Read more in our 360 blog article and share your opinion with us! 😃


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