New Year Contest 🎅🌲⛄

Dear HERE Map enthusiasts of the Benelux, The end of 2022 is getting closer, and as you are one of our Benelux’ Map Creator users, we invite you to our amazing New Year Contest to win fantastic prizes! 🤩 The contest will run until the start of the new year, and we challenge you to solve Map Alerts for specific campaigns in the Benelux countries … Continue reading New Year Contest 🎅🌲⛄

Halloween Speed Limit Contest 🎃

Dear HERE Map enthusiasts, Autumn has arrived and, as the leaves have started falling of the trees, Halloween is getting closer: the perfect time to launch a new Speed Limit Contest for you in Map Creator with great prizes for the winners! 🤩 What is this campaign about? As your HERE WEU Community Team, in this Halloween Speed Limit Contest we ask you to update … Continue reading Halloween Speed Limit Contest 🎃

Tour de France Campaign

Dear cycling and map lovers, From Friday 1st July, the Tour de France 2022 returns to punctuate your summer days. During 3 weeks, the riders will ride through some of the most beautiful regions of France. Many of you will be following them along the roads. To celebrate this 109th edition, we are launching a major map alert campaign in the departments crossed by the … Continue reading Tour de France Campaign

Winners of SpeedIt 3rd Sprint Campaign

Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash Dear Mappers,  Our Sprint 3 of the WEU “SpeedIt!” campaign has come to an end! 🤩  Let’s congratulate all the users of Map Creator who participated in this initiative: you are really incredible !!! 😍 As for results, in the Benelux 1123 Map Alerts were solved during this Sprint. How amazing it is! 👏 So the winners are… 😏   Please join us to 🎉CONGRATULATE🎉 the Benelux Top 3…:  🥇  Martijn Wullems 🥈  Sapagov Baurzan 🥉  Assylkhan Beketov …and … Continue reading Winners of SpeedIt 3rd Sprint Campaign

SpeedIt 3rd Sprint campaign! 

Dear cartographers,  These days late winter days it is Carnival. Carnival is a time to enjoy open-air parties, masquerades, masked balls, historical/political re-enactments, and street performances.   To mark the occasion, we at HERE Technologies are launching Sprint 3 of our major speed campaign. This time we will be focusing only on the Benelux!  Our main goals are still:  Checking the street segments where ‘discontinuous’ speed limit situations are displayed and which appear to be incorrect.  To contribute to EU ISA regulations and to the improvement of road safety.  To do this we have identified new areas for which we ask you to resolve Map Alerts. Resolved Map Alerts will be counted from 1 March 2022 for rewards.  How do I join this challenge?  Everyone is welcome and can participate at  To access go to Dashboard, then to Your campaigns and search for one of these:   The Netherlands – SpeedIt ISA Campaign  The Netherlands – SpeedIt ISA Campaign Sprint 2  Belgium – SpeedIt ISA Campaign Belgium – SpeedIt ISA Campaign Sprint 2 Luxembourg – SpeedIt ISA Campaign Luxembourg – … Continue reading SpeedIt 3rd Sprint campaign! 

Winners of SpeedIt 2nd Sprint campaign!

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash  Dear Mappers,  Our Sprint 2 of the WEU “SpeedIt!” campaign has come to an end! 🤩This sprint brought great results thanks to YOUR great contributions! 👏    First of all we would like to congratulate all the users of Map Creator, who participated in this initiative: You are really incredible !!! 😍  As for results, in WEU 46k Map Alerts were solved during this Sprint. How amazing it is! 👏 So the winners are… 😏   Please join us to 🎉CONGRATULATE🎉:  🥇 Sofia R. 6163  🥈 Michael L. 5634  🥉 Andrea T. 3709  Thank you very much for all your time, effort and dedication! 👏👏👏   We have also some threshold winners!   As we mentioned … Continue reading Winners of SpeedIt 2nd Sprint campaign!

Map Creator: Updates and new features

Dear Mappers, Today we want to inform you about the most important new features and changes in Map Creator which have been implemented during the last weeks. Most probably you are already aware of some of them and may use them meanwhile. Anyway, we think it make sense and is useful to wrap up the most important features here. Mobile Map Creator: Speed Limits and … Continue reading Map Creator: Updates and new features

SpeedIt ISA Sprint 2 statistics 

Hey Mappers,  Are you curious how do we stand with our “SpeedIT ISA Sprint 2”? 😏 After one month, since we launched this challenge, we already have some top contributors of our Sprint 2! 🤩  Hereby the list with TOP 10 users, who for now solved the most Map Alerts:  Michael L. (2995)                       Frédéric P. (1020)                      Tomàs Cardona S. (856)         Remco V. (746)                        João F. (654)                              Santiago B. (578)                         Sofia … Continue reading SpeedIt ISA Sprint 2 statistics 

SpeedIt ISA campaign: 2nd sprint started

Dear Mappers,  Today, November 8th, we are starting the second sprint of our big Speed-Limit campaign. In order to contribute to the ISA regulations by the EU and therefore to safe roads we have created another set of Map Alerts for all WEU countries for which you can find the relevant Map Alert campaigns in your Dashboard in Map Creator (Your Stuff > Your campaigns, … Continue reading SpeedIt ISA campaign: 2nd sprint started