Introducing HERE XYZ Beta

Do you know about HERE new service? HERE XYZ Beta? 😏 This is a service for cartographers, mapping enthusiasts and developers, who work with geospatial data. How does it work? Simple! Upload, manage, and display your map data with complete flexibility. As easy as X, Y, and Z❗️ 😃 HERE XYZ is an open, interoperable and real-time location data management service from HERE Technologies that offers simple … Continue reading Introducing HERE XYZ Beta

User story: Jean-Baptiste B. from France

Dear Mappers, 📢 Please read a great user story provided by Jean-Baptiste B. from France. He shares his experiences and thoughts about Map Creator tool and its community. 😃🌍 ………………………………………………………………………………………………. Hello Jean-Baptiste, could you introduce you to the community in a few words? I’m 29 years old and I’m a works supervisor in the building trades and Map Creator Map Master (user ambassador). I live nearby the city … Continue reading User story: Jean-Baptiste B. from France

Road closures attribute: Update 12/11

Dear Mappers, We have a new attribute category in the Map Creator: Road closures⛔️ Here you can enter the information to indicate that a road segment is currently closed, f.ex. due to construction activities. This data will be directed to and help our Live Traffic team to show in the navigation systems with HERE maps that have Live Traffic included where roads are closed and cannot … Continue reading Road closures attribute: Update 12/11

Best practices in Map Creator Community

Why help building a better map❓🤔 We would like to share a best practice of Map Creator Community: some discrepancies between speed limits and speed categories, mainly in urban areas, were discovered this month by Community. Thanks to the local support this was reported to our Community Expert, who was able to identify several examples and escalate it to be solved. Spotting such discrepancies cannot … Continue reading Best practices in Map Creator Community

Map the Alps news: 25/09/2018

Dear Mappers, Do you know that map coverage in the Alps needs to be improved? ⛰ 😏 Mapillary, HERE and Garmin are making a combined effort to increase the map coverage of an area that are visited by over 120 million people annually. Let’s create a better image coverage while participating in the “Map the Alps” challenge. Furthermore, you can win some fantastic prizes‼️ Check out more … Continue reading Map the Alps news: 25/09/2018

Final results of Map My Summer initiative

Dear Mappers, Map My Summer initiative came to an end but with what a great impact!!! First of all we would like to congratulate all the users of Map Creator, who participated in this initiative: You are just amazing!!!🤩👏 Do you know how far did we go with the 2nd Edition of Map My Summer? In Western Europe we achieved more than 532.561 edits during … Continue reading Final results of Map My Summer initiative

Map My Summer News: 14/09/2018

Dear Mappers, Good things come to an end…We hope you had a very relaxing and nice holiday! Our Map My Summer initiative has already ended, so soon we will provide the final statistics. For now on already 56 users in Western Europe already achieved 2.500 or more edits during the period of our initiative! Fantastic! The final stats to be announced soon! ◊◊◊◊◊ In Benelux the current winners … Continue reading Map My Summer News: 14/09/2018