HERE XYZ as a solution for challenges

Dear Mappers, I guess nowadays everyone feels like exploring new products and services that enable the ease of use, make life easier and more..visual! Therefore, already a while ago we introduced to you HERE XYZ – our cloud-based service with the tools needed for effortless data management and map publication. This service is aimed for software developers, professional mapmakers, data journalists, but also inexperienced people, … Continue reading HERE XYZ as a solution for challenges

Map Creator tips & tricks: For a better experience_Part 2

Hello Mappers,This week we would like to give you some tips to improve your work in Map Creator:1. Highlight the entire street namePress Alt + click on a linkAll links with the same name will be highlighted and can be modified at onceIf you modify in one go, all the attributes that differ along the highlighted links will receive a warning message to avoid an … Continue reading Map Creator tips & tricks: For a better experience_Part 2

Live coding HERE

Hallo All, Some say that developing your own software is like building Lego. Take existing pieces and put them together in the properly in the right order… but as often it is the case – reality is a little bit more complicated. Using development tools requires focus, precision and keeping an eye on the documentation, but even then sometimes one can feel in need of … Continue reading Live coding HERE

Reporting Road Closures for Traffic service

Hello Mappers, Many of us are aware of the possibility  to report Road Closures in Map Creator that will be used for our Traffic service. If you don’t remember it’s easy to access this functionality via the road attributes menu on the last option in the toolbar: Road Closures – as shown in the image below. Please fill the information with the following instructions: As detailed/precise … Continue reading Reporting Road Closures for Traffic service

HERE @ MWC’19: Wrap up

Dear Readers, Mobile World Congress is one of the largest yearly events in tech world. Companies like Samsung and Sony present their new gadgets, while keynote speakers share their vision of the industry. Main  buzz words of MWC’19 – 5G networks, AI, IoT and big data. So HERE was definitely expected to make couple of announcements of its own at the HERE Tech Lounge… Here … Continue reading HERE @ MWC’19: Wrap up

Testers chosen for the User Testing Pool

Dear Readers, We would like to announce that finally we have reviewed all the applications for the User Testing Pool. To our big surprise, in  Benelux we received 16 applications!!! It’s amazing to read how motivated you are and willing to support us! Therefore, we would like to THANK YOU for your time and effort spent on your application! Nevertheless, out of so many applications we … Continue reading Testers chosen for the User Testing Pool

The newest in AI and autonomous mobility

Dear Mappers, Read today our short summaries from our 360 blog about AI and autonomous mobility. 1. The power of AI The technology has been rapidly evolving by making smarter, more accurate solutions in various fields . Nowadays more often AI Is used for these purposes, to fill in the gaps by genius algorithms that power for instance Netflix, Siri or Alexa. Why in HERE … Continue reading The newest in AI and autonomous mobility