Tour de France Campaign

Dear cycling and map lovers,

From Friday 1st July, the Tour de France 2022 returns to punctuate your summer days. During 3 weeks, the riders will ride through some of the most beautiful regions of France. Many of you will be following them along the roads.

To celebrate this 109th edition, we are launching a major map alert campaign in the departments crossed by the race. From Tuesday 5th July, we will publish the stages that will take place in France. The Top Start of this campaign and the beginning of the counting of the number of resolved map alerts is the day of the official start in Copenhagen on Friday 1st July. Many official gifts of the Tour de France 2022 are to be won.

We are organising this challenge because, at HERE Technologies, we are updating our mapping solutions to make it easier and safer for you to travel. We are also updating the Points of Interest (hotels, restaurants, gas stations…) that will be useful during this event. And you should know that HERE Technologies offers solutions dedicated to motor homes if you travel with this type of vehicle (size restrictions, reserved parking spaces, etc.).

For this we have identified new areas for which we ask you to resolve map alerts in a dedicated campaign. Resolved map alerts will be counted from July 1st 2022 to be eligible for rewards.

Our objectives are:

  • – To check street segments where speed limit situations are displayed that appear incorrect.
  • – To contribute to the EU’s ISA regulations and to improve road safety.

How to join the challenge?

  • Everyone is welcome and can participate (you need to create an account if you don’t already have one).
  • Access: go to Your Stuff, then to Your campaigns and search: WEU FRA TOUR DE France SL 2022
  • Duration: from 1 July to 31 July
  • Status of the ranking of contributions: publication in the Blog on Facebook, several times during the challenge.

Rules :

  • – Solve a minimum of 500 map alerts to be eligible for the prize,
  • – Read the instructions correctly and select the right button according to your actions:
    1. « J’ai fait la mise à jour requise » : detection of an error and modification of the speed limit.
    2. « La vitesse est correcte » : correct map and no change to be made.
  • – Mapillary is available to help you in certain situations by displaying the most recent images.
  • – Only permanent speed limits can be changed

Tips and tricks :

  • – Use the ‘Speed Limit’ quick info layer view by clicking on the framed icon in the screenshot below:


Winners will be ranked after a threshold of 500 map alerts resolved. The winners will be rewarded with the following prizes:

– 1st place: Tour de France 2022 Authentic Yellow Jersey

– 2nd place: Tour de France 2022 Replica Green Jersey

– 3rd place: Tour de France 2022 Replica Polka Jersey

– 4th and 5th place: a Tour de France 2022 T-Shirt

– 6th and 7th place: a Tour de France 2022 cap

– 8th to 10th place: a Tour de France 2022 Mug

Any questions? Any doubts?

Interact in our Discussion Board, in our Facebook  groups or send us a mail at

Good luck and have fun!


Your Community Team

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