Winners of SpeedIt 3rd Sprint Campaign

Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash

Dear Mappers, 

Our Sprint 3 of the WEU “SpeedIt!” campaign has come to an end! 🤩 

Let’s congratulate all the users of Map Creator who participated in this initiative: you are really incredible !!! 😍

As for results, in the Benelux 1123 Map Alerts were solved during this Sprint. How amazing it is! 👏

So the winners are… 😏  

Please join us to 🎉CONGRATULATE🎉 the Benelux Top 3…: 

  1. 🥇  Martijn Wullems
  2. 🥈  Sapagov Baurzan
  3. 🥉  Assylkhan Beketov

…and the 4th to 10th place 

4. Georgi Pavlov
5. Roy Royalty
6. Pierre Carier
7. Gert-Jan van Dijk
8. Steve van Nieuwenhoven
9. Thomas Kehl
10. Gerard Keet

Thank you very much for all your time, effort and dedication! 👏👏👏  

Those among the TOP 10 contributors that have solved at least 500 Map Alerts will be contacted via e-mail within the next weeks. 

Thank you all for your effort and input during this challenge! 👏  

We hope you enjoyed the challenge!  

As always, in case of any questions or feedback regarding this topic, interact on our Discussion Board or send us an email to 😃 

Join us in our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter


Your WEU Community Team,  

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Jens, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg. 

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