Map Creator: Updates and new features

Dear Mappers,

Today we want to inform you about the most important new features and changes in Map Creator which have been implemented during the last weeks.

Most probably you are already aware of some of them and may use them meanwhile. Anyway, we think it make sense and is useful to wrap up the most important features here.

Mobile Map Creator: Speed Limits and Access Restrictions

Since a while you are able to edit the Speed Limits (even direction dependent) and the Road Access Restrictions in the Mobile Map Creator (meaning our App for Map Creator) as well.

That means the available attributes and the process is equal to those in the Web version of the Map Creator. Your edits will be synced directly with the Web version and edit statistics appear in your Dashboard.

Building polygons

You know that you can visualize the buildings in 3D now. In this view you are able to rotate and incline/dump/topple the map (by holding the right mouse button).

But, to add building polygons or to change the shape it makes more sense to turn off the functionality “Show 3-D buildings” in “Building outlines”.

Then, after deactivating this functionality, you see the buildings in 2D again and have a better overview to add/edit the buildings. Because, as you know, it is about the building footprints.

Road Types and Road Access Restrictions

If you want to change a Road Type of a Pedestrian Road, Pedestrian Zone or Trail you should avoid doing it by changing the Road Access Restrictions on an individual base because there is an automatic process behind it now. That means if I want to change f. ex. a Residential Road to a Pedestrian Zone you should select the relevant Road Type straight ahead and not keeping the Road Type and uncheching the Road Access Restrictions one by one.

The system changes the Road Type now automatically after having changed the certain Road Access Restrictions and you are not able to change further Access Restrictions anymore. This new functionality affects around 90% of all Map Creator Users (depending on the User Trust Level).

Help section

We have updated the entire “Help” section (above the map between Discussion Board and the language settings, e.g. “EN”) and adapted to the new changes and additions in Map Creator during the last months. The “Help” page opens in a new browser tab.

Speed Limit Quick Display

As most of you already know because of our posts related to our running Speed Limit campaigns the number of the Speed Limit ranges in the legend (“What´s on the map?”) has been increased due to several user requests (to meanwhile 18 ranges).

Since a few weeks you can configure the colors for specific ranges according to your own preferences by clicking on a color icon.

Satellite Layers

The name/s of the additional satellite layer/s has/ve been changed to just “Alternative 1 ” (and “2” and “3”, if given).

Furthermore you can select the “Night view” that has been added recently.

Good luck with the new features and best wishes.

Your WEU Community Team

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