SpeedIT ISA Sprint2: 2nd Statistics

Dear Mappers,

First of all we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2022 and all the best !!! 👍

Now it’s time to share with you how “SpeedIT ISA Sprint 2” is going? 😏

After two months since we launched this challenge you can find below our TOP 10, who have solved the most Map Alerts for now! 🤩

  1. Michael L. (4944)
  2. Sofia R. (2330)
  3. João F.  (2214)
  4. Tomàs Cardona S. (1653)
  5. Frédéric P. (1374)
  6. Santiago B. (1315)
  7. Remco V. (977)
  8. Eleonora E. (637)
  9. Alessandra B. (518)
  10. Federica T. (443)

As a reminder: Sprint 2 ends on January 28, 2022. Then we will announce the TOP 3 winners of this sprint.

These statistics can always change, so don’t wait, you can still join the challenge! 🤩

Good luck!!!!


Your WEU Community Team

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