SpeedIt ISA Sprint 2 statistics 

Hey Mappers, 

Are you curious how do we stand with our “SpeedIT ISA Sprint 2”? 😏

After one month, since we launched this challenge, we already have some top contributors of our Sprint 2! 🤩 

Hereby the list with TOP 10 users, who for now solved the most Map Alerts: 

  1. Michael L. (2995)                      
  2. Frédéric P. (1020)                     
  3. Tomàs Cardona S. (856)        
  4. Remco V. (746)                       
  5. João F. (654)                             
  6. Santiago B. (578)                        
  7. Sofia R. (429)                            
  8. Jean-Baptiste B. (176)             
  9. Martina Maria S. (135)           
  10. Francesco Della R. (126)        

As reminder, Sprint 2 ends on 28th of January 2022. Then we will announce TOP 3 winners of this sprint.  

These statistics can always change, so don’t wait and join the game 🤩!

Good luck!!


Your WEU Community Team    

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