All the things that we changed on the map together in 2020

Hello, hello there!

2020 year had turned out like no year before in our recent memories and our lives changed for what feels like – forever. Yet… I would like to take a short time and celebrate what all of you have accomplished together, when it comes to HERE maps!

My colleagues and I have prepared couple of maps for you to glance over, but first – couple of numbers. In Western Europe all of you, our dear Map Creator folks, have contributed:

  • More than 2.5M edits
  • 4.5x more Map Alerts solved than in 2019 (Thank you everyone who participated in ‘Place It!’ campaign!)
  • 4x more building outlines added than in 2019
  • Almost half a million of hospitals, stores, restaurants, petrol stations and more places edited! (Did I mention the thank you to everyone who participated in ‘Place It!’ campaign..?)

But how does it look on the map..? Check THIS map and prepare to be amazed how well all these dots of various edits cover the map of WEU! By the way – it might take a while to load because there’s more than 2.5M points on it!

Curious to know, which were the most edited areas in Benelux? Then check THIS map!

Both of these maps were created in HERE Studio, which is available to everyone for free. Curious to try it out yourself, but don’t know where to start? We published an article about this topic a while ago… read it HERE!

Oh, and here are some numbers for Benelux:

Thank you all for your continuous efforts! Together we can make a better map that’s used by millions all around the globe!

Cheers for a great start of 2020!

Art & WEU Community Team

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