Map Creator: Buildings in 3D view

Dear Mappers,

A new feature has been added into the Map Creator. As from now the buildings are shown in 3D mode. 

Just activate “buildings” in the menu layer, zoom in and check how it looks like. 

  • You can change the view by clicking on the north arrow (bottom right in the map) or just press and hold the right mouse button and turn the map to all sides.
  • To edit the buildings it’s the best to use the 2D-view, to do so please deactivate checkbox “Show 3-D-buildings” in menu under “Building outlines”. Another best practice is to use and change the transparency-mode to better detect the real buildings in the satellite images (shortcut Ctrl-Alt-+/-) while adding a new 2D- footprint or change the shapes of existing ones.
  • When editing the buildings, please focus on the footprint (2D) of the building and not yet on all the details as not all details are yet shown in the map so far. 

As always, in case of any questions or feedback regarding this topic, interact on our Discussion Board (BELNLDLUX) or send us an email to

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Your WEU Community Team,

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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