Link Attributes in Mobile Map Creator

Dear Mappers,

Let’s talk about new features!🤩

We see on regular base updates and new functionalities not only in the web version of Map Creator but in the Mobile Map Creator as well.

So today we can proudly inform you about a Mobile Map Creator update with an enhanced set of navigational attributes, similar to the set we are used from the web Map Creator version. Probably the most important news for the Map Creator Community is the fact that finally you are now able to:

  • Edit the speed limit on a street segment, meaning not only the average speed but also direction of travel (from A to B and B to A). For details see picture.

As you can edit speed limits on the run, you and don’t have to change/edit it in web Map Creator later on. This is the feature we waited for a long time to appear, so we are happy it finally has been implemented. 😃

  • The second big milestone is the full given set of access characteristics of a street segment. This means that similarly to the speed limits, you can see the same set of access characteristics as in the web Map Creator.

Just to remind you about other features that already exist, Mobile Map Creator also enables you to:

  • Do reporting of Road Closures and construction zones (also in Edit mode).
  • Have the opportunity to join campaigns
  • Resolve Map Tasks
  • View edits in your “adopted neighborhoods” done by other Community Users (both in Resolve mode)
  • Collect GPX tracks, photos, audio and video collection files in Collection mode to visualize them in Your Geospace in web Map Creator later on

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As you know, in case of any questions or feedback regarding this topic, interact on our Discussion Board (BELNLDLUX) or send us an email to


Your WEU Community Team,

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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