What is the status since we have started our Sprint 2 WEU “Place it!” challenge?

Dear Mappers, 

How are you doing? We are very happy that you are so engaged in our Sprint 2 of the WEU “Place it!” Campaign! 😃

Sprint 2 has been running for already one month, and two weeks ago we posted the stats. Now we bet you are curious what the status is, so here you go! 😉 Last time we posted the statistics two weeks ago, so now it’s time again to give you a status update!  

Regarding the about of Map Alerts solved, our communities solved almost 30k Map Alerts! Incredible! We are very proud of you all and congratulations!!! 🤩

As for the Brussels Map Alerts, we are very happy that since our promotion of these Map Alerts you already managed to solve all of them! Thank you for much for your help and dedication! 😍  

And now..let us share with you the list of TOP 10 users, who have solved the most Map Alerts in our Sprint 2! 😃  

  1. Sofia R. 7235 
  2. Remco V. 6740 
  3. Claude B. 5350 
  4. Júlia S. 4407 
  5. Jaswinder S. 2867 
  6. Sabrina R. 1598 
  7. João F. 498 
  8. Bernd G. 430 
  9. Osvaldo L. 115 
  10. Manuel R. 47 

Remember that these statistics can always change, so don’t wait and join the game! 🤩 

You still have time till 16th of October at 15:00. Then we will announce ALL winners of this sprint.  

Good luck!!! 


Your WEU Community Team,  

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Francesco, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric  

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