“Update Koningsoord shopping mall” challenge

The challenge has ended and Remco V. contributed with more than 2k edits in this area!

Thank you Remco and join me to 👏 CONGRATULATE 👏 him on his efforts and well-deserved €50 voucher!!! 💶🤩


Your WEU Community Team,

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric



Dear Readers,

Hope you are doing well! Are you willing to participate in Map Creator challenge? 😏 We prepared something for you!😁

New shopping mall 🗺

We heard that a new shopping mall in Berkel-Enschot is going to be build. It will be called Koningsoord and will replace the old shopping mall – Eikenbosch. The assumption is that plenty of shops from the old shopping mall will be replaced to the new location of the Koningsoord shopping mall.

As the new shopping mall plan is still in development, we have plenty of time to update some information about POI’s and geometry surrounding this place. What we know is that the location of the new shopping mall Koningsoord will be in new location.

So..do you know Berkel-Enschot? Or maybe you live there or visited this place? 😏

Even if the answer is no, are you willing to help not only us but also all the future visitors of this upcoming shopping mall? 😃 If the answer is yes, we kindly ask you to…

👉Join the “Update Koningsoord shopping mall” challenge

After you join the challenge, go 👉 here in Map Creator, which is the new location of the shopping mall, and add/update information related to:

1. Places/POI’s: the places/shops that will be placed at this new shopping mall. What exactly? It is about anything starting from various shops that either will be moved from old to the new location or new stores, to ATM’s, agencies or anything you know will be placed in this location. In Map Creator think of updating place attributes such as:

  • Place name, category and (if applicable) chain
  • Address
  • Opening hours of stores
  • Contact information: telephone number, email, website etc.
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Any other information that you see you can add/modify

To obtain more information on how to update a place, check out our help page.

2. Geometry: the geometry related to this place can differ in comparison to what we have in Map Creator. If you know what will change, feel free to update this information in Map Creator. Think of adding/updating:

  • (New) geometry 
  • Street names
  • Street attributes (such as direction of travel or speed limit)

To read more about editing of geometry, visit our help page.

3.  Other: think of any other things you can edit in this area, such as:

  • House numbers -> more information can be found here
  • Building outlines -> more information can be found here
  • Parking lots -> more information can be found here 

How can I update this information? 🤔

Even if you don’t live it this area, you can use any sources you think are useful and valid related to this upcoming shopping mall. Regarding geometry, think of using satellite imagery. Read our article about different versions of satellite imagery. For Place, and road attributes, you can use Mapillary. Regarding Places/POI’s, try researching shops’ websites, obtain any information from municipality, your friends, groups, communities, name it ! As long as it can be verified. 🧐

What’s in for me? 💶🤩

The TOP 3 users, who provide the biggest amount of edits will win:

  • 1st place -> €50 voucher, minimum of 👉500 edits 
  • 2nd place -> €20 voucher, minimum of 👉200 edits 
  • 3rd place -> €10 voucher, minimum of 👉100 edits 

All vouchers are for bol.com shop.

📢 Remember that in order to be eligible for the prize, you need to join the challenge first, so we can track your edits! Also you need to provide at least required amount of edits to compete with others for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. There are only 3 winners possible.

The challenge starts 29th of May at 12:00 and finishes 30th of June at 23:59.

Tutorials and tips & tricks!

In case you would like to follow some online tutorials on how to use Map Creator, check out our official YouTube videos

Good luck and in case of any questions, please comment below the post, join the Discussion Board (BELNLDLUX) or our Facebook group!

What you can also do is send us an email to mapcreatorbenelux@here.com


Your WEU Community Team,

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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