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Dear Readers,

How are you doing? We hope that you are still safe and healthy! A while ago we announced that a Map Creator reboot took place, which resulted in some changes. Feel free to read this article. 
The topic of today refers also to Map Creator, but this time the process behind the map. As we have been receiving some questions from you about the process related to your edits, we decided to explain it for you. Thus, if you are (still) unsure or curious about our process, this article is for you! 😊

From Map Creator to our database 👨‍💻

So, to start with, all edits from our community are passed through standardized, extensive quality checks before they are entered into the HERE database. This means that you do not make your valuable edits directly in our HERE database. What happens instead is that the Map Creator is rather an application based on our core map (HERE database) and is constantly synchronized with it.

Quality comes first 🔎

All the edits provided by the users are automatically or manually checked, whereby potential errors are displayed and then corrected by our moderation teams, if necessary.
Afterwards, the edits are endorsed and integrated into our HERE database. We have this process in order to make sure that the quality of all the edits is met, before they end up in our database.

Automated moderation 👍

As mentioned before, edits are being checked manually by our moderation teams, however there are also automatic moderation taking place. These automatic moderation are related to the edits of particularly experienced and trustworthy users are confirmed more quickly. The more we have of experienced and trustworthy users, the more edits will be moderated automatically.

What shall I do to become an experienced and trustworthy user? 🤷‍♂️

In order to become an experience and trustworthy user, you need to show it by your qualitative contributions in Map Creator. What we mean by quality is that you need to make sure that your edits are placed correctly, without any mistakes, which can trigger so-called validation.

Typical errors while editing in Map Creator ⛔️

Hereby examples of typical errors that trigger validation.

• an isolated section of road
• i.e. not connected at any end to the existing road geometry
• a dead end, which is a one-way street, or a link that crosses itself (without bridge or a tunnel)
• too sharp angle of the road, which cannot be realistic

📢 To see how to correctly provide edits, please have a look at our blog articles related to tips & tricks -> for instance this one.

Your edits as part of our database ☺️

Besides your valuable and numerous edits in Map Creator, a lot of other information from countless other sources (e.g. our own driving with camera cars or data from third parties) flow into our database.

The updated map will then be made available to our customers on the HERE platform.

This process can take up to 2 months or more, depending on the type of edit and how customers access our map updates.

Update flow
An overview of the process behind the map

Meanwhile, stay tuned for our “Place it!” challenge that we are planning too launch soon! 😊

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Greetings and stay safe!

Your WEU Community Team,

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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