#stayathome challenge statistics

Dear Community,

Remember that we promised to give you some highlights on stats one week before the end of the challenge? 😃

📣 Here we are, hereby an overview of the current status:
• In WEU we already have more than 25k places edited! Well done! 👏
• For Benelux the status is that 670 Places edits have been done so far!

  • Currently the top three contributors are: Remco W. (234 edits + more than 700 Map Alerts solved in Brussels),  J.H. van D. (121 edits) and Rudy B. (94 edits). Good job but stay alert as this is a competition! It means that someone else can overtake you!
  • Martijn W. (46 edits), Geoffrey M. (37 edits), Ruben B. (24 edits) and Projets Mon Agence (23 edits) keep doing your edits as you still have a chance to be in top 3!

Remember that the ranking can change, so stay engaged and keep updating/adding places. Good luck for the remaining time of the challenge! You still have the opportunity to make the difference until 30th of April, so join the #stayathome challenge , contribute and have a chance to win a BOL.COM voucher! 🤩🤩

NOTE: Map Alerts campaign in Brussels remains open, so feel free to provide your input that also contributes to the challenge! However, the calculations of your Map Alerts for the #stayathome challenge will end 30th of April.

Stay tuned for the next campaigns!!! 🤩

Thank you in advance and stay safe and healthy! 🙏

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Your WEU Community Team,

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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