Road closures feature enhanced

Dear Readers,

This week we would like to give you a update regarding the Road Closure feature in Map Creator. The Road Closure tool has been extended and you find it now next to the attribute table on the right hand side (and not in the table itself at the bottom anymore). Currently we are informing the users in the Map Creator also by a info box in the attribute table.


Thus, if you are planning to report a Road Closure, please select the relevant link/s and press this button. Now you will notice that the options for a reporting have been extended.


Meanwhile,  next to a possibility to report a Road Closure and additionally a Road Construction situation, you are able to “Remove existing incident”. It means that you can choose this option in case:

  • such an event has come to an end
  • such event might  have never taken place at this location

Providing reason for the incident

Furthermore you can provide a reason for the incident now, e.g. “Event” due to road closures in your city because of a big marathon event.

As always please indicate:

  • the closure period (by the calendar tool)
  • short information including the source for your report. Preferably a site in the web (like web-newspaper, info on the homepage of your city, road construction authority site, etc.).

Please keep in mind that all the information about the road closures/constructions via this tool in the Map Creator, will be given directly to the HERE Traffic Team. This team provides its services to all the navigation systems with Live Traffic info.

You can find more information here.

Thanks to all of you who are contributing and giving such an important information to all users. We very much appreciate that you are sharing your local knowledge to improve the Live Traffic system.

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Your WEU Community Team
Paolo, Francesco, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Pierre-Yves, Claire, Kleoniki, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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