Community Destinations – Lisbon

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Lisbon the 7-hill city and capital of Portugal.
Pedro Conceição is our Community Lead who is based there.


Pedro started in HERE in 2005 as field analyst. A lot of field data collection as starting point building up the base map of Portugal. He enjoys a lot to do that but after 13 years he decides to pursue new opportunities and join the community team in 2018. Here starts really a new phase of growing in the world of Map Creator!


The Lisbon office is based in Laranjeiras area nearby the Lisbon Zoo, one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. Since the start of the company in Portugal (by that time named Navtech) that the office is in the same building but five years ago they moved from 15th to 13th floor.

38.750502, -9.171246

Lisbon is famous for:


Tourist attractions include:





Local delicacies you must try… 

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