Updated: Mobile Map Creator App

Dear Mappers,

A few days ago, HERE released the new version of Mobile Map Creator. Currently, the new version is available only for all Android devices but soon will be available also for iOS.


There are now three main categories for processing:

      • Edit
      • Resolve
      • Collect


With the function “Edit” you can make changes to navigation attributes, Places or the house numbers. This function is enabled by default when opening the app.

Possible attributes to edit per category are the following:


      • Street name / Number
      • Direction of travel
      • Road type
      • Surface
      • Avg. speed
      • Road Structure
      • Delete street



      • Name
      • Type
      • Accessibility
      • Address
      • Phone number
      • Email
      • Website
      • Opening hours
      • Location (for moving the place)

House numbers:

      • Number
      • Street name
      • Location (to move a house number)

 In the attributes window, there is also the possibility to take a photo and attach it.

To work on places and / or house numbers, the layer must be activated in the Menu. The Menu icon is located on the right side of the map. With  the”+” and “-”  function you can zoom in and out, with the green button you to center the map on the user’s location. Furthermore, you can also use the menu to switch to the satellite viewer.


When completing a change please do not forget to complete the process by selecting “done”.

Using the icons at the top of the map you can add Places, House numbers and geo-referenced a photo of traffic sign.



In this category you can first check “my neighborhoods” (in MC “my assigned areas”) for example: Check if there are new edits in the self-defined area and then confirm or reject them. On the other hand, it is now possible to participate in Map Alert campaigns. Currently, there is access for Places campaign for all MMC users. The nationwide Map Alert Campaigns will be available soon, and we will let you know via our communication channels.


In the category “Collect” (formerly “Drive Mode”) you now have the ability to create video, GPX, audio recordings and take photos, and of course upload them (do not forget to activate GPS in the device).


In the picture above, you can see the audio mode to create a voice recording. These created files can be found in the “Geospace” in the Web-MC (see in the picture below). See also our blog article explaining “Your Geospace” in details.


In the menu when you select  “More”  you can log in and see in the “Outbox” folder the number of modifications to be uploaded (if you do not download individual edits directly via “Auto Upload”). Via the Settings  “Watchlist”  you can make further adjustments, such as  for example set video resolution, view and use beta features, or focus the map around the location, etc.


We wish you all a lot of fun with this new Mobile Map Creator version.

In case of any questions or feedback, interact on our Discussion Board (BEL, NLD, LUX) or send us an email to mapcreatorbenelux@here.com.

Your WEU Community Team
Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Álvaro, Solène, Pierre-Yves Ben, Claire, Kleoniki, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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