HERE Live Sense SDK – help drivers to keep informed of the unexpected

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Just in case you missed it…

Just couple of weeks ago, HERE Technologies announced the availability of the HERE Live Sense SDK – a new software development kit (SDK), currently in beta, designed to give drivers real-time insight in order to be able to make informed decisions on upcoming obstacles, road infrastructure or driving conditions, without cloud processing or the need for connectivity.

“In the nutshell”:

• HERE Live Sense SDK turns devices with a front-facing camera into an intelligent vehicle sensor, benefitting drivers with little or no safety technology
• Enables drivers to stay informed of their driving environment and potential hazards, minimizing attention diversion while driving
• As an SDK which incorporates AI capabilities, Live Sense will enable customers to create multiple software applications for hardware devices

“Driver safety is paramount in everything we do. Today there are still millions of commercial and passenger cars on the roads without the necessary technology to keep drivers informed about potential hazards. The HERE Live Sense SDK will help to change that”, said Angel Mendez, Chief Operating Officer at HERE Technologies. “It detects objects, behavioral changes and road conditions that can lead to such situations and notifies drivers in time to take action.”

Feel free to check it out at our HERE Developer Portal or read the full story here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below or reach out to us at

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Photo by why kei on Unsplash

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