News 26.08 Map My Summer ’19

Dear Mappers,

We’d like to share with you some more results from Map my Summer Part 2!

Hereby an overview of the current status:

  •  In WEU we already have more than 7500 Map Alerts solved! This is impressive! ;
  • Congratulations to Remco V., Claude B., Jean-Luc B., Patrick T., Ber G., Jaswinder S. and Günter W., who have reached the minimum of 500 Map Alerts solved. Keep solving Map Alerts because other users can overpass you
  • João F., you have almost reached the minimum! 😃 Don’t forget that in order to be eligible to win a voucher of 100€ value, you need to solve minimum 500 Map Alerts! So, keep on solving Map Alerts and stay tuned! 

Are you curious where you are on the Top 10 list? 😏 Hereby the statistics!

Map My Summer Top 10 (26th August).png

  • Keep in mind that you can boost your score by inviting others to play! Every invitee is worth 200 extra points. If you engage your friend/family member/colleague etc, please send us an email to
  • Dear Benelux users! Would you like to be recognized in our communication and have a chance to win an attractive prize? Start playing the game and contribute to better maps!

Are you willing to discover and solve some Map Alerts in WEU? Join our Part2 of Map My Summer ’19 and play till August 31st! Remember to read carefully the instructions

📢 NOTE: Please remember to follow carefully the instructions on how to solve Map Alerts, by reading about it in our blog post.

As Map my Summer ’19 comes to a close – good luck! 😃

Your WEU Community Team
Arturs, Francesco, Elena, Paolo, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash

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