Map Creator: Tracking of your edits

Hello Mappers,

This week we would like to give you a tip on where you can find the status of your edits in Map Creator 😃

Hence, we would like to remind you of an existing functionality, which is embedded in “Your Stuff” on the top left of the map.

Besides user statistics, campaign list, watchlist and collections, you can also find “Your Feed”, where all your recent edits are listed. This list is sorted by date (as per default) but you can sort it by activity as well. On the top right you can filter by “Roads”, “Places”, “Addresses” and “Map Feedbacks”. On the right side of each edit field you can open the tracking info section with the arrow to view all available details. If wish, you can also jump to the specific location of an edit by clicking on “See on map”.

  • If HERE moderator has confirmed your edit and the process is closed, you’ll see a following message “Congratulations! This update will be included in our map soon” (green color).
  • But it might also happen that one of your edits has been reverted because of several potential reasons (“After revision we decided not to make changes”) e.g. the database already reflects reality, or due to HERE database specifications. If you are convinced and certain that your edit is correct, then you can still use the “reopen”-functionality, so that the moderator reviews and checks the edit once again. (black color)
  • You can also check the edits that are currently under revision (blue color)

Check the video below that will guide you step by step:

Good luck! 😃



HERE Community Team Alicja

2 thoughts on “Map Creator: Tracking of your edits

  1. Helloo
    Map Department of the Netherlands is very slow with processing of useful places. Normally this should be solved with in three days.
    We are almost 1 month further.
    I can give you a good example of soccer association Luctor Heikenszand.
    I have reported 2 time this problem but the name is wrong Luctor’88
    Place id


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