Future of Mobility Hackathon: Recap

Dear Readers,

Last month, 3rd-4th of June, we had a pleasure to organize the Future of Mobility Hackathon. We hosted the event at HERE Eindhoven building, where we had fantastic experiences, great ideas, and a lot of engagement! Hereby a recap on this event.

During these two days 20 participants gathered in groups of 2-5 and worked on ideas related to the future of mobility in Eindhoven. Especially for this event we offered our HERE Student Sample Data, bicycle and pedestrian HERE product data, and also data from the Municipality of Eindhoven. Thanks to HERE XYZ, participants could visualize and manage the data – the choice was theirs, which data they would focus on. From the given data, they could work on a solution related to a problem/challenge they observed. Data was the challenge definer!

Later on our HERE API’s and SDK’s came into action, where the hackathon attendees could create a concept solution. As soon as the solution was ready, there was a time for presentation and pitch!

After hours of preparations, data management, coding and brain power, we received 6 fantastic presentations. It was very difficult to chose one winner, as to us all teams did a great job! 😊

As “the winner takes it all”, the jury, consisting also of two professors from the Fontys Hogeschool, chose the winner, who presented a solution related to the Eindhoven Biking Network. The winning team showed the concept of advanced biking infrastructure, taking to the account near and also further future. Congratulations EBN Team! 😃

We took care of the technical training, and support related to our tools an services that were used during hackathon: HERE Developer Portal, HERE XYZ and HERE Student Sample Data. Moreover, we were there to support with a pitch and good lunch, drinks and snacks in between! 😉 It was all done thanks to our internal as well as external stakeholders!

We would like to thank all the participants, jury, technical support and everyone involved for making this event an unforgettable experience!

Last but not least, we would like to mention that as our hackathon was a part of the ITS congress, two days later after our hackathon we were invited to the closing ceremony. We had a pleasure to invite also the winners of our hackathon – EBN Team, who received official congratulations and an award! 😃

Are you planning a hackathon? Do you need our API’s and SDK’s training and support or simply would like to become our partner or even customer? Please let us know by simply writing us an email to mapcreatorbenelux@here.com.

Who knows – maybe in the future we can plan something together?! 😃



HERE Community Team Alicja


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