News 01.07 Map My Summer ’19

Hallo Mappers!

Would you like to know some statistical news of Map My Summer ’19 of the first two weeks of the challenge? 😏

Hereby an overview:

  •  Already 10 users in WEU achieved 2500 points during this period;
  • Congratulations to Remco V. ! Good job but stay alert as this is a competition! It means that someone else can overtake you. Therefore, keep doing your edits and don’t forget to engage others to win your 100 extra points;
  • Remember that the ranking can change, so stay engaged and keep of doing edits. Who knows? Maybe during our next update you will be next on the list? 😊
  • Martijn W. & Jorne D., you are almost there! Keep doing efforts to win JBL Pack (Bluetooth Speaker + Headphones)
  • We also see Milan v.d. V., Tim v. E. & Gino S. doing some edits! Come on Benelux users! You still have a chance to win great prizes! If you want to be mentioned next weeks, keep mapping and you will be recognized 😃

Are you in the lead? Is there any partner that you engaged?

Come on, join the Map My Summer challenge and help us mapping your surroundings!

Let’s keep the relaxing spirit…of holiday!!! 😃

Good luck!!!



Your WEU Community Team

Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric

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