Map Creator tips & tricks: For a better experience_Part 2

Hello Mappers, This week we would like to give you some tips to improve your work in Map Creator:

1. Highlight the entire street name

  • Press Alt + click on a link
  • All links with the same name will be highlighted and can be modified at once
  • If you modify in one go, all the attributes that differ along the highlighted links will receive a warning message to avoid an override


 2. Modification of Transparency

  • Press Ctrl Alt at the same time and – /+ to change the transparency of the roads


3. Search by coordinates

  • Include or copy and paste Lat / Long information into the search field
  • When copying coordinates from other platforms always use a (.) or (/) or (,) as separator between degrees and minutes of the unit


4. Search by Object ID

  • Enter poi-id: XXXX for Places
  • Enter link-id: XXXX for Roads
  • Enter pa-id: XXXX for Point Addresses
  • Enter job-id: XXXX for Map Alerts



 5. Places Expander

  • Move the mouse over the Places stack icon to activate a drop-down list with all Places located in the same location
  • Places can then be individually selected



P.S: Do you want also to know more about: How HERE Uses Data-Driven Art to Inspire Creativity? Check out HERE 360º BLOG!!!

Good luck! 😃



HERE Community Team Alicja




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