HERE @ MWC’19: Wrap up

Dear Readers,

Mobile World Congress is one of the largest yearly events in tech world. Companies like Samsung and Sony present their new gadgets, while keynote speakers share their vision of the industry. Main  buzz words of MWC’19 – 5G networks, AI, IoT and big data. So HERE was definitely expected to make couple of announcements of its own at the HERE Tech Lounge…

Here are some that we picked:

  • HERE to offer mapping and location services in China – one of the largest and more complicated markets there is!
  • Volvo and HERE have signed a multi-year map data agreement to power off-board cloud services
  • HERE within telecom:
    • HERE launched a new product that shows quality of cell phone coverage on roads across 196 countries
    • Shields, Infosys and HERE has announced a collaboration to demonstrate 3D network planning solution to make 5G deployment more efficient

Interested in reading the full list of announcements that HERE had during MWC’19? Click HERE

Have a great upcoming weekend! 😃


herelogoHERE Community Team

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