Apply for the”Update Amsterdam” challenge!

Dear Mapper,

Do you live or work in Amsterdam? Is Amsterdam the city you visit pretty often? Or maybe you like working with Mapillary coverage in Map Creator and with Map Alerts? 😏

We are happy to announce a new challenge called 📢”Update Amsterdam”📢. You will be helping us with improving the quality and coverage of Amsterdam by solving Map Alerts located in this city! 😃 Sounds exciting and something for you?


The prizes!

Probably you are wondering if there is any prize involved in this challenge! Yes there is! Each person, who solves 100 or more Map Alerts in Amsterdam, will receive a 30 euro online shop voucher! 💵

What do you need to do?

Simply apply to this challenge, by registering yourself here

If you apply, you will be added to a special group, where we provide you an access to the Map Alerts of Amsterdam. Moreover, we will give you instructions how to solve them (also by use of Mapillary!) and answer all your questions. Last but not least, there will be a special group on Slack communication channel , where you can ask questions, interact with other participants of this challenge and stay in touch with Community Lead – Alicja.

Don’t wait! Apply for the challenge and have a chance to get a 30 euro voucher!

Greetings! 😃

herelogoHERE Community Team

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