You can still apply to be a Map Master!

Dear Mappers,

Currently we are relaunching the new 📢 Map Master Program in Benelux 📢 and we are searching for passionate people, who would like to be the HERE ambassador and support us with various activities! 😃

Catch a glimpse of some roles and responsibilities!

new Map Master Program

Besides, Map Creator oriented activities we offer you to be an influencer for our Developer portal.  Does it sound exciting enough? 🤓

📣  If you are interested in one of above-mentioned roles, please fill in this survey, apply and maybe YOU will be chosen! 📣 😃 The registration closes on 31st of January.

In January we will organize an online meeting to answer all your questions or doubts. Afterwards, we will announce the new Map Masters.  Join our new Slack communication channel and/or Facebook group and let’s stay connected‼️

Greetings! 😃

herelogoHERE Community Team




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