New feature in Map Creator: Safety Cameras

Dear Mappers,

Have you already noticed the new feature to add 📹 Safety Cameras in Map Creator? 😏

We give you a detailed view of the new menus, such as viewing, adding, changing or deleting safety cameras. Hereby step by step mini-tutorial:

  • To view the safety cameras activate the menu in the upper bar in the right corner.
  • A question will be asked if you want to enable this feature, which you should answer with “yes”.


  • The safety cameras will appear on your screen with a purple color icon.


  • To add a new safety camera, zoom to level 18 and press the camera icon in the upper right corner or right click and select “add new safety cam”.


  • A menu on the left side of your screen will open with the details to fill to add a new safety camera.


  • There you can select the type of camera, the associated speed (in km/h or mph) as well as the direction, in which it is applied.


  • To edit an existing safety camera, simply click on the purple icon and the same menu will appear on the left of the screen.
  • To delete a safety camera simply click on it and press the delete button on your keyboard.

Hopefully, this functionality already requested by our users some time ago, will contribute to the continuous improvement and development of the tool.

We also would like to let you know that this new functionality is for permanent safety cameras and we are still on beta phase, so we are really in the willing to retrieve your feedback in order to improve the feature.

Good luck with testing this feature and please let us know if you’ve got any feedback by either sending an email to, using Discussion Board in Map Creator (choose your country), or our new communication tool: HERE Map Creator Slack channel, where you have one channel for all the Benelux countries. 😃


herelogoHERE Community Team

2 thoughts on “New feature in Map Creator: Safety Cameras

  1. How do I set a trajectory speed control? I can set start and end camera, but how do I set the trajectory to which it applies?


    1. Hi Ingmar,

      Thank you for your feedback! The direction of the camera reflects the driving direction so the affected side of the road on a bi-directional road. We are working on the option for one ways. As I mentioned this feature is in a testing phase, so great to have this kind of feedback. Thanks again!



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