User story: Jean-Baptiste B. from France

Dear Mappers,

📢 Please read a great user story provided by Jean-Baptiste B. from France. He shares his experiences and thoughts about Map Creator tool and its community. 😃🌍


Hello Jean-Baptiste, could you introduce you to the community in a few words?

I’m 29 years old and I’m a works supervisor in the building trades and Map Creator Map Master (user ambassador). I live nearby the city of Lyon in France.

From when did you start to be active and contribute on Map Creator?

I’ve been active since 2 years and I contribute from the moment when HERE started providing its map navigation system to Coyote (Coyote is a driver system assistant) (Jean-Baptiste is also a Coyote community ambassador).

What gives you the passion to edit our maps on Map Creator and being in a strong member and our community ambassador?

I spend a lot of time on the road for personal reasons and work. Having a reliable GPS and map updates is indispensable (primary?) for me to optimize and save my time while commuting.

What do you like about Map Creator?

I really enjoy its simplicity of using  this tool and the reactive responses of all the members (mappers) on the forum for example. I also appreciate the ability to edit /modify directly within the HERE Map Creator app (available on IOS or Android).

What do you think would be the ideal/perfect map for the world to consult?

The perfect map would be for me a map always updated and regularly with a high quality real-time Traffic information. Less time on the road means less accidents and also less pollution. It’s a major stake for the next years (the future to come) but for that the map needs to be always up to date. Hence there is an added value of making the map available to the community, so that they can make changes and continuously contribute to the maps.

Would you like to provide some personal tips to all those, who joined the HERE Map Creator community for the first time?

Thank you in advance for your precious involvement and contributions. Your help is really precious for everyone, who wants to have a quality map. HERE and all users will appreciate it and will be really thankful.

What kind of communication tools do you prefer to contact the team and exchange with the rest of the community?

The forum, the Blog, Facebook, Telegram (live chat). But Twitter would be also much appreciated. It really helps to be responsive.

Thanks a  lot for your answers and many contributions!


Greetings! 😃

herelogoHERE Community Team

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