Map My Summer News: 10/08/2018

Hi Mappers!

Can you believe that almost one month has passed since we start the Map My Summer challenge? Are you still motivated to get the HERE Summer Pack? Go for it!

What is the status for now??

Already 31 users in Western Europe achieved during this period 2.500 (or more) edits!

◊◊◊◊◊ In Benelux except Eddy De C. and Tom V., who were announced last time, also Remco W. , Jan K. and Martijn W. are eligible for the HERE Summer Pack!
Congratulations! Good job! Keep doing fantastic edits and engage others to make the difference!◊◊◊◊◊


Timo R. and Willem van B. you are still almost there! Also Geoffrey M. appeared on the list of users, who are almost there to get the HERE Summer Pack. Play and be recognized by us!


Let us know how it’s going with your edits! Maybe you have some doubts that we could clarify… Are you surprised about the place where you are spending your holidays?
Keep the mood…keep editing…Good luck!

Still enjoy your holiday/summer period! 🙂


herelogoHERE WEU Community Team

Alicja, Paolo, Massi, Arturs, Belen, Solène, Ben, Pedro, Georg and Eric

2 thoughts on “Map My Summer News: 10/08/2018

  1. @Mohamed you can if you are going to provide quality edits in Western Europe countries, especially if you live in Western Europe. As far as I know, other regions will also run similar campaign, so keep you eyes open within your community region. Greetings!


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