Explore “Adopted Neighborhoods” and “My Geospace” features in Map Creator

Adopted Neighborhoods

Since a few days Adopted Neighborhoods is now part of the Map Creator. The goal is that the user can contribute with his local knowledge to accelerate the moderation process of the edits considerably.

How do I proceed if I want to participate? 

  • Select an area on the map, for which you have local knowledge, by clicking on “My adopted neighborhoods” button in Map Creator and then click on “adopt your neighborhood”

my adopted neighborhoodsmy adopted neighborhoods2

  • Then use a rectangle on the map to define the area exactly, then press “save”. You can now see if there are edits from other Map Creator users in “Your Neighborhood”

my adopted neighborhoods4

  • You can now click on the number in the yellow circle (total number of edits) and judge the individual edits (done by Map Creator users) by choosing “yes”, “I don’t know” or “no”

my adopted neighborhoods3

my adopted neighborhoods5

  • You can also define several areas and you will be informed by e-mail when there are new edits in the “Neighborhood”

Your Geospace: upload CSV files

In Your Geospace in Map Creator you can now upload your own CSV files in addition to the KML, Geojson or GPX files. There are many different use cases for this.


The list must contain two separate columns for the Latitude and Longitude specifications (in decimal format) and the names of the two columns must also be named “Latitude” and “Longitude”. You can then name the other columns as required and set questions or tasks here, for example. The example is about possible missing hotels.

You can also view the list directly in the Map Creator (via the symbol with the 3 points) or e.g. change the color of the dots in the map.

Good luck and enjoy the new features in Map Creator!


herelogoHERE Community Expert Benelux

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